Avatar Accessories Inc.

Our Philosophy

To be the premier Philippine manufacturer and exporter of fashion accessories. This is Avatar's mission statement.

In order for us to achieve this, we have a philosophy that revolves around our people, our products and our customers:

Innovative Human Resource Management

We believe that our people are our most important assets. Not only do we attract the best and the brightest in the industry, we try hard to keep them loyal, productive and efficient. In the last year, a merit-based compensation structure was introduced to the assembly line, a first in the industry. Our employees also undergo continuous training and skills upgrading to enhance their knowledge and capabilities in their respective functional areas.

Excellence in Design

We invest heavily in the main competencies in design most relevant to our operations: research, materials development, and technical capabilities enhancements.


A wide variety of resources are used from the most up to date forecasts from Promostyl and other references to merchandising in the world's style centers to constant interaction with our customers.

Materials Development

Our in-house materials development team is constantly working and experimenting with new components, as well as on unique treatment methods on existing raw materials.

Technical Capabilities Enhancement

We are continually evaluating our current technical competencies and examining ways on upgrading. Most recently, we have built our metals department to enable us to do model making, casting and plating. At the moment, we are looking into enameling, stone setting and advance resign technologies.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our professional and experienced account management team has over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. They are trained to be prompt, courteous, and coherent. More importantly, they oversee all shipments from start to finish for their respective accounts ensuring, accuracy and expediency.

An innovation that we introduced is the Avatar Advantage Preferred Customer Program to recognize our most valuable accounts. There will be three different levels of Preferred Customer depending on the seasonal yield. Starting at a minimum commitment to purchase $25,000/ season, clients in this program will be able to avail of a variety of services from proprietary product development to higher discounts, even free hotel accommodations. Please refer to the How we Work section of this site for more information regarding this program.

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