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Proprietary Product Development

While we encourage all our customers to buy from our main range, we can also undertake proprietary and customized product development for key accounts. As this involves more effort investment on our part, we require that a minimum of 100 dozen per style color be ordered.


Avatar will be more than glad to send samples of booked orders. Should revisions be necessary, please make sure that all your requirements are clearly reflected in the order sheet and discussed with your account executive. Please furnish us with your preferred courier and your corresponding account number to facilitate shipment. Please note that samples are not free and will be billed at the sample price. Only customers who are part of the Avatar Advantage Program are entitled to a certain amount of free samples per season as prescribed by the program. Anything over the free sample allowance will either be subtracted from your order or billed to your account using whatever Category price your firm enjoys.

We will not be able to entertain sample request for new customers who have not booked orders with us. Existing customers who have purchased from us before should consult with Gil Carungay whether we have the capability to produce samples for unbooked orders.


Due to continued shortage associated with strong demand, we would like to request customers to allow to partial ship when necessary. While we are doing our best to forecast demand and acquire enough materials for the coming season, it is at times very difficult as most bead factories are already working on 3 to 6 months delivery. We will inform you in a regular and timely manner with regards to the status of your shipment. Please nominate freight forwarder for us to use for shipment. If you have no preferences as to ship with, we will canvas the major forwarders from our end and fax you the details for your approval.

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