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Orders may be confirmed by sending a 50 percent deposit by telegraphic transfer. Bank details will be faxed to you with the computer generated proforma a week after the end of any show. If your order was placed in our showroom, we will fax you the proforma no later than five working days after booking.

If your order requires numerous revisions then this lead-time may vary. Please note that only dollar denominations will be accepted as deposit. Additionally, unconfirmed orders will not be sent to the production queue, nor will components for the order be procured.

The balance of the payment will be due upon completion of the order. We will not ship unless the full payment is received. Please note that we will not be responsible for the bank changes associated with sending the TT. Letter of Credits (LCs) may also used as payment for a minimum order of $15,000.


We normally work on a 60-90 day delivery time frame. The wide deviation is due to the extreme volatility of component availability due to enormous demand. However, the proforma invoice we will be faxing you will contain a better approximation of the delivery date. Orders should be confirmed as soon as the proforma is received and reviewed. Any delay in sending us the confirmation will result in a corresponding rescheduling of the ship date.


Avatar has a strictly no discounting policy. Our tiered pricing structure already incorporates all discounts. Additionally, our Avatar Advantage Program addresses preferred pricing for customers who go wide as opposed to deep in terms of products. Please click on the Avatar Advantage link for more information regarding the program.


An $8,000 minimum total order is required. No quantity minimums per item have been reflected because of our tiered pricing structure.


All items will be individually packed in polybags then placed in master bags by the dozen. Should you require different packing arrangements, please inform us at time of booking. If you want us to label the master bag with codes, please inform us. Otherwise, we will utilize our codes for labeling.

Avatar will be glad to attach your tags / header cards to the items you have ordered. Please make sure that you relay the proper instructions to our account executive. All customs and additional freight charges for packaging materials will be billed to your account.

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